About tLH

My name is Kaoshal. I am a development sector professional and I work for IPE Global Limited in New Delhi, India. Apart from job, my greatest loves are books, poetry, writing, healing, travel, singing, photography, philosophy and living with my solitude. I have always been my own best friend. I believe in fulfilling my needs in the world class materialistic way to avoid any inner chatter. My mission is to empower people to be their own healers by mastering both their physical and emotional well beings. I am also a part time life-coach, peace-activist and a truth-seeker who loves to live life in the present moment. I believe that life and living has only one purpose, that is, to add value to lives in any form and spread the energy of love. I practice yoga & meditation and non-attachment, and I love to discuss on life and its allied topics with full of freedom, love and joy. I am also a part time fashion and lifestyle blogger. “theLivingHybrids” is created by me as a part of making all these possible.

“theLivingHybrids” is a vision to create a better world with full of love & respect for each other, faith within, and compassion for every being. Every human being goes through both good and bad times. But, what s/he becomes after that matters more. The synergy created after both experiences with more strength and wisdom, creates a hybrid person. This is how a person takes real birth. This is the reason why this name(theLivingHybrids) convinced me more than any other title. This is an all obligation free efforts by me to help people realise their lives.

Every living being is born and programmed to be happy and free originally. One stops feeling it when the mind starts making noises. One can remain in absolute consciousness ( not unconciosness) once the person starts practicing higher state of life via putting oneself in a state of “allowing” or begins being his true self.

I am here to let you know the real purpose of life and living, where you would reach beyond the conditional (relative) happiness and rediscover the freedom inside. I, here, will be trying to connect few of the  infinite dots that go to self realisation; and a life with full of love, joy and freedom. I am here to keep on trying to get you there, where there will be collective joy and you will realise your original self (your true self)……your joyful self. I am here to discuss life, love, compassion, abundance and freedom, almost every topic and ritual that relates to our day to day lives through my blogs and videos; quotes; photography; and personal life optimisation sessions.

Finally “theLivingHybrids” dream is  ready with a mission considering we all are alchemists. Let’s take this vow together to become our greater version every next day.