Dear “Heart”

By KAOSHAL, April 18, 2017

Dear Heart,

I know that you are feeling broken and dead. But, you are not the only one who is broken and it is not the first time you are broken. This is how God wishes to enter light into you. You must understand the thin line between “holding on” and “letting go”. You cannot control both when you are emotionally involved with something / someone. You are not doing any business for profit. You just need to “breathe”, “accept the fact” and “let go”. One more time, if economics dominates chemistry; it must be having some great reason to make you stronger. There must be a person in making to his greater version by the light getting entered into you. There must be someone in process where nothing is going to make him feel otherwise anymore. Just remember that if someone cannot fight for you in your ordinary days, someone has no right to bet for your extraordinary ones. Life is given to us billion years ago and we must know what to do with it. Nothing we can do to stop this blue.

Oh my painful heart! Everybody who comes to your life in this world has a role, may be a limited role, to make you stronger than before. Once their role is over, the person disappears. Life is not a single story book. It contains several stories in it. More stories reflect that you have lived more intense life in more fulfilling manner. Just make sure that you are giving your 100%, without expecting the same in return. Universe will give you what actually suits you the best. Just make sure that (does not matter what but) nothing is going to make you feel otherwise ever.

Oh my beloved heart! Just carry on beating efficiently and supplying blood to me. What you believe in, will come to you, including the same person. Just that it is not your time. You keep on believing in love without any complains / doubts. Keep on loving in the same way that you always did. You have no right to judge anyone. It could be other one’s helplessness too that you should understand. You must learn compassion here. The energy of love you supply to this universe should not be hampered due to your personal experiences. You are more important than your life alone. World needs your more than you need it. Life is not that short to give up and accept your fate. Everything happens for good and you deserve the best story in your life. Keep on loving and believing even if it is not yours anymore now. You are that you are. You are love. You are compassion. You are everything that you focus on. So, just focus on beautiful things that you are from inside out. You are the one who has biggest tribe in this universe that believes in love and peace. Just be proud of it…. Just be proud of yourself…. Just breathe ….. accept, and ….. let go.

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