”Happy New Year” with “New You” in the Old Bottle

By KAOSHAL, January 1, 2017

Year is changing, but not you when you are already yourself. I celebrate new year just to let myself know that nothing should be changed by changing a year. My party is for my self awareness, that how closer i am to death with every passing day. I celebrate it to continue my “child like” blessings as a primary behaviour of my personality. This is the only way I feel empowered and stronger every other day. This is how i feel a better version of myself every next moment. Basics are always same that needs to be sharpened every day for getting better results from inside out. We are as same as we were last year. Just a year change does not mean that previous all years are not important. Every day should be taken as new and different to create some value that is yet to be created and that we have not done yet so far.

How is it possible to talk about entire one year at one time, when every moment needs the same energy to be lived in “now”? We do not live entire 365 days at one go, but a year is a set of billions of moments and movements. When we feel that moment to be felt inside us, we actually live our life in the true sense. Movement in date / year does not matter when we are stuck inside. Remaining everything is just a delusion to forget the original version of self that is far beyond movement of time. Every awakening exercise is a new year to our souls. Forget this cause of new year. Lets forget the stupid resolution exercise after changing years. Self realisation is more important even if it occurs on the last day of year. Sometimes sunset also gives a new day to us. There is nothing like new year, it is just every moment, that is creating a history and your every action is going to be a part of it with your complete heart.If one wants to celebrate, celebrate every new moment like never before. Let life be a natural open ended celebration. The only golden rule is – there is no golden rule.

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