“Let no one come to you without leaving delighted” – A promise of passion by Nirmal Randhawa and her INDICA Makeover Studios

By KAOSHAL, April 5, 2017

People usually boast only about the inner beauty, not the outer beauty. I think it is not true until we stop seeing and appreciating the beauty of flowers, rains, rainbows, mountains, snow and many other things. Beautiful people are also one of them. Outer beauty is equally important that manifests and stimulates us to explore its inner beauty. Does not matter how much people just talk about inner beauty, but they also want to look good externally and this is where the role of make up artists and beauty therapists starts. Now, giving extra efforts for looking good are no more limited to females only. Men equally are focusing on their looks and grooming. This gives its own significance to the beauty industry.

INDICA Makeover Studios

Philosophies apart, “INDICA Makeover Studios” is one of the biggest and most competent names in the beauty sector that offers all kinds of make up and beauty related services as well as beauty treatment, relaxation and gymming facilities. It is based in Rishi Nagar, Rani Bagh Market and its other three branches are placed across Delhi.

INDICA Makeover Studios

The person behind this dream is none other than Ms Nirmal Randhawa – A well-known Makeup & Beauty Specialist who is one of the highly acclaimed and known name in makeup and beauty industry. I met with her recently and felt blessed by being with such an awesome person. She carries totally unique sparkle in her eyes with a happy smile. It was evening, but after meeting her, I felt like morning. She was looking as if she has just started the day – full of confidence, filled with smile. I could see the satisfaction of justifying the day in best manner. This happens when you are in love with your work. It no more feels like a job and becomes your lifestyle. I could sense that amazing feeling in her personality.

Nirmal Randhawa

Equipped with so many degrees in the same field from India and abroad, she holds over 30 years of experience in just practising the same – How to make people look their best versions? Starting her studio 30 years ago in a corner of house to owning many studios, she has experienced the complete life cycle of her emergence to the industry. She is a proud artist who believes in her best karma and sincere hard work. She hardly sleeps over 4 hours, but you cannot guess her age and cannot simply ignore her aura and bright face. This is nothing but the reflection that comes out of falling in love with your work and delivering your best to your stakeholders. She knows every answer associated with beauty. She keeps not only massive content in her field, but also an honest intent to transfer her knowledge and wisdom to the new generation. Therefore, she runs NR School of Beauty with her daughter, that offers various professional beauty courses. It is also acclaimed by Best Academy from Revishing Health & wellness Awards in 2016. Currently, Mrs. Randhawa is Chief Operating Officer and Director of three Makeover Studios and the Beauty Training Academy in Delhi. She is also a part time designer.

Nirmal Randhawa

NR school of beauty also has its own makeup products by the name of NR’s professional makeup that includes foundations, compact, eyeliner, Eye pigments, Lip-pallet, glitters and many more. These products are widely available on the leading online sites such as snapdeal and amazon.

Other than beauty treatment, she also offers her counselling on problems and remedial therapies for scalp, dandruff, hair loss, acne, dark circles, pimples, unwanted facial hair etc. Her recruits are well qualified and experienced in their exclusive domains and go through special training by her before hitting floor of the beauty studio. She leaves no scope untouched in terms of ensuring best quality service delivery to her clients.

INDICA Makeover Studios

She is also very active in participating and conducting workshops and seminars across the country. She conducts workshop twice in every month in Delhi for encouraging beauty professionals and sharing her knowledge. She also hosts and conducts “Bridal Champion Trophy” every year to promote bridal make up among professionals. She is also a brand ambassador of C2P. She has won various awards and prestigious Rajdhani Rattan Award is also one of them.

In a single sentence, I would like to give a tag line to Mrs. Randhawa and her studios, that would be – “Let no one come to you without leaving delighted”. I am getting tuned to take some services from here soon. You can see more about her services on: www.indicabeautyclinics.com

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