The Path of God ….

May 24, 2017

The path of God could never be understood by the use of mind, but you can establish the understanding only by just following your heart. The path of heart is the path of truth and the path of truth is the path of God. Therefore, make your heart as your primary guide. This will certainly […]

I saw angels

May 9, 2017

When I was a child, I saw God, I saw angels; I watched the mysteries of the higher and lower worlds. I thought all men saw the same. At last I realized that they did not see.. ~ Shams-e-Tabrizi

Dear “Heart”

April 18, 2017

Dear Heart, I know that you are feeling broken and dead. But, you are not the only one who is broken and it is not the first time you are broken. This is how God wishes to enter light into you. You must understand the thin line between “holding on” and “letting go”. You cannot […]

Debate of God’s Existence

January 21, 2017

” Sufi do not get into the debate of God’s existence …. or not. The eye who can see … doesn’t need any evidence from the eye … which cannot.”

God and Myself

December 22, 2016

I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.

Thank God for your unanswered prayers

December 22, 2016

Be sure that, someday you’ll praise and thank God for your unanswered prayers that once you had wept for them.