Price of Freedom and Slavery

May 18, 2017

Freedom has a higher price, as higher as slavery. The only difference is – we pay that price with joy and smile, even when that smile is little blurred by tears.

A thought for every day

January 14, 2017

A thought for the day and all remaining days to be content with pure intent.

Moon is so beautiful again

May 15, 2016

See the moon that is blushing like me and you. It reminds me how connected we are, When we see the same moon at the same time. despite living in different homes, It makes me feel that we are as close as we are far from each other. It proves that we share a common […]

The Song of Life: I am that I am

February 6, 2016

I am that i am………. I am poem I am transformation I am gratitude I am peace I am abundance I am wealth I am life I am joy I am creativity I am mastery I am possibility I am divine energy I am wisdom I am light I am love I am hope I […]