A happiness guide i refer …

June 3, 2017

A sincere sober heart i know searching source and keeping vows.. Have radiant smile and bigger dreams reaching out in wider streams.. A bud to bloom in various fold.. Have plans and secrets for him to mould… His stars are strong and constellations in shape for he the one with beautiful face… Love and laugh […]

Love should be in this rare way ..

June 3, 2017

Will you love me in December as you do in May?

Worth reading this letter to a boss on Mother’s Day: Nishaaz writes to Dolly Parekh

May 11, 2017

Dear Ma’am,  It is mother’s day today and I proudly dedicate this day to my never-boss cum mother-like boss that is you. I am fortunate for having you in my life on my both professional and personal grounds.  Every person takes birth twice in his / her life span – first as physical birth, that […]

Whatever you love, you are ….

May 10, 2017

If you want money more than anything, you will be bought and sold. If you have a greed for food, you will be a loaf of bread. This is a subtle truth: Whatever you love, you are.

Breathe, hold and let go

May 6, 2017

At times, we don’t see control over some situations in life We just need to have patience coming out of faith, not hopelessness We just need to take a deep breath, hold the oxygen and let it go….. these are the times that test us on how capable we are… …of recalling the wisdom that […]

Dear “Heart”

April 18, 2017

Dear Heart, I know that you are feeling broken and dead. But, you are not the only one who is broken and it is not the first time you are broken. This is how God wishes to enter light into you. You must understand the thin line between “holding on” and “letting go”. You cannot […]

Universe whispered

April 4, 2017

You are good enough to make me more beautiful by your love. ~ Universe whispered

It’s baby girl

March 26, 2017

Congratulation…. it’s baby girl

AMAZING is the word i call for YOU

March 2, 2017

AMAZING is the word i call for YOU….. Numerous synonymous are behind every view When you open purple umbrella drops of happiness fall Collected by those who deserve not by all Each leaf each flower bloom in you not a single star is out of queue Each child is born with miracles of life You […]

No more “Single”, but “Singular” and “Complete”

February 14, 2017

Single ❌ Singular and Complete ✅ Happiness is your nature Peace is your home Smile is your perfume You are your valentine Your aura is decorated by this universe with full of love Happy Valentine’s Day…..

You are that Valentine, for self and for all

February 14, 2017

“You like being with someone because You smile so much your cheeks hurt.” THAT’S THE ONLY WAY LOVE SHOULD HURT IN MY OPINION. You are that you are You are love You are that valentine for self and for all Happy Valentine’s Day to all ….

February feelings

February 7, 2017

Bottom of my heart centre of my soul, “HE” reside with love unfold.. The more you ask the more “HE” grants, abundance increases with beads and chants.. “He” inspires to dare, surrender to sun, become oblivion and consciously one.. Roses for him plucked with thorns, For “HE” uplifts each jewels when worn.. “He” is the […]

I see only “LOVE”

January 27, 2017

Looking at my life I see that only Love has been my souls companion ……

A thought for every day

January 14, 2017

A thought for the day and all remaining days to be content with pure intent.

Darkness cannot hide love from the soul.

December 30, 2016

Darkness may hide the trees and the flowers from the eyes but it cannot hide love from the soul.

..and suddenly

December 28, 2016

And suddenly, all the love songs were about you

The easiest way to achieve immortality

December 25, 2016

The easiest way to achieve immortality is to make a writer fall in love with you.

Always choose to love

December 24, 2016

Patience with what you hate

December 8, 2016

To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.

Knowing the value

November 23, 2016

We usually disrespect love and blessing we have…. we realise it after few years when we understand life without these essentials.

Questions of my heart on Independence and Freedom

August 15, 2016

The sense and feeling of Independence is so mixed at times to me. We can see people just following the dress and celebrations code on so called Independence Day. We seem to be laughing sometimes when our inner self ask us sometimes – Are you really independent in real sense? Souls are just waiting for […]

Moon is so beautiful again

May 15, 2016

See the moon that is blushing like me and you. It reminds me how connected we are, When we see the same moon at the same time. despite living in different homes, It makes me feel that we are as close as we are far from each other. It proves that we share a common […]

Mother’s Day Greetings

May 8, 2016

This day is to remember the power of blessings of mothers. She sacrifices almost everything to see you successful. Miracles happen when you actually feel some invisible powers are supporting you. Be precise, mother is the only visible entity who empowers you to perform such miracles with her blessings and pure love. I generally feel […]

The Song of Life: I am that I am

February 6, 2016

I am that i am………. I am poem I am transformation I am gratitude I am peace I am abundance I am wealth I am life I am joy I am creativity I am mastery I am possibility I am divine energy I am wisdom I am light I am love I am hope I […]