My daily miracle

April 14, 2017

God, give me this day as my daily miracle ..and forgive me if I am not always capable to recognise it.

AMAZING is the word i call for YOU

March 2, 2017

AMAZING is the word i call for YOU….. Numerous synonymous are behind every view When you open purple umbrella drops of happiness fall Collected by those who deserve not by all Each leaf each flower bloom in you not a single star is out of queue Each child is born with miracles of life You […]

Mother’s Day Greetings

May 8, 2016

This day is to remember the power of blessings of mothers. She sacrifices almost everything to see you successful. Miracles happen when you actually feel some invisible powers are supporting you. Be precise, mother is the only visible entity who empowers you to perform such miracles with her blessings and pure love. I generally feel […]