The story of a boiling frog

By KAOSHAL, February 24, 2017

The story of a boiling frog …. so humans are sometimes ….. Be the owner of your courage …. Stop blaming the hot water that is trying to boil you. Stop blaming even the small bowl like this small space, that is not letting you to expose you to the universe’s beauty. Most importantly, stop blaming the person who is pouring the hot water in your bowl. Nothing matters until your courage, inner conscience and wisdom come forward to create your greater version. These all actually help you to create your better version when you use your powers, the power with all energy of love and compassion. The power of believing in the school of thought where we all are beautiful parts of each other in all unique ways. Situations do come in life, never to hurt you, but only to empower and strengthen you with more courage and wisdom.

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