theLivingHybrids Readers’ Club: One Book Every Week Challenge

By KAOSHAL, September 4, 2017

Reading is always fun and it always helps us to explore light beyond darkness. It helps us to become our greater versions in all aspects of our lives. This finally led me to start a book reading club – “theLivingHybrids Readers’ Club”. I am hosting this group of readers and we, together, can read and discuss so many books – one book in a week basis. One can also write reviews (optional) and I will share the best review on and related social connections with reader’s tag. It can be a mix of everything: Fiction (general, current or classic, historical, mystery, sci-fi, western, romance); Nonfiction (memoir, biography, history, current events, science, travel, cooking); and also others (poetry and drama). These would be discussed and decided mainly on whatsapp group and sometimes be arranged in some libraries, churches, coffee shops too. List of books will be advised by all the members and book selector will be chosen by voting in the group. The selected member will advise three books and further the final book for the week will be selected by voting. Anyone from any location can join the group. Drop me a message with your email and contact number, if you are interested in joining the group. Within 2 weeks, you will receive the way forward from my side.

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