This Full Moon ……

By KAOSHAL, March 13, 2017

The reflection of milky moon in softest bed of ocean..
Makes his dream craziest
while his heart drives in motion
The kohl of her eyes in mesmerizing night..
Was way beyond imagination the deep sigh sight
Appreciating the curls that touched her shoulder
Kissing across skin, was desperate to hold her
The sails the waves the glittering shore
Had reasons to smile, night wants to stay more
The frozen breeze when gently blow
The yacht even know the direction to flow
All stars were amazed to gaze beauty of moonlight ..reaching him from presence of love radiating bright
All words were paused n time at halt..
When the full moon was noting horizon alt…

Poetry Courtesy: Roopal Shrivastav
Photography: Kaoshal

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