Worth reading this letter to a boss on Mother’s Day: Nishaaz writes to Dolly Parekh

By KAOSHAL, May 11, 2017

Dear Ma’am, 

It is mother’s day today and I proudly dedicate this day to my never-boss cum mother-like boss that is you. I am fortunate for having you in my life on my both professional and personal grounds.  Every person takes birth twice in his / her life span – first as physical birth, that hardly matters until you take your second birth. Second birth, that occurs when you realise your worth in this world and find yourself in all respectful and existent way. It gives you an intellectual and spiritual awakening too.

You are like a mother for giving me second birth who made me realise my real worth to this world. You made me feel confident to smile, be myself and win hearts. You held my hands when I was most vulnerable and needed an angel to show me that path. I was totally in darkness, always with a guilt about my existence and that also led me somehow to walk on wrong paths. You appeared in my life and suddenly, all darkness faded away and I could see my life goals and purpose of life as a human being … as who i am in real.

You trusted me and gave me an opportunity to get that confidence and respect back to myself that i had already lost.  You accepted me when no one showed their trust in me, including myself. You made me grow that conviction inside me that is no more going to give up ever again. You always inspire me to be the best at all platforms of my life.

Thanks for being my guide, mentor and every light that guides me to attain my wonderful destination of life. A very happy mother’s day to you and all such ladies who give hopes to many. A lot of love and light to you.

With lots of love,
– Nishaaz 

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